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Mumbai ENT Speciality Clinic

ENT Specialists

We are a dedicated and highly trained team of ENT surgeons, Dr Sanjay Helale and Dr Sonali Pandit. Our aim is to give high quality ENT care to our patients. We will ensure that our patient's ENT problems will be dealt with efficiently and professionally. Read More

Vertigo, Tinnitus  & Deafness Clinic

Vertigo, Tinnitus & Deafness Clinic

Vertigo or dizziness is a sensation of spinning and inbalance when there is no actual body movement. Our specialist thoroughly evaluate and treat the Vertigo patients. … | Read more

Voice and Swallowing Disorder Clinic

Voice and Swallowing Disorder Clinic

The voice program at the clinic offers a comprehensive medical and surgical treatment approach to patients with voice and swallowing disorders. Our comprehensive voice program is dedicated to address a broad range of disorders from … | Read more



We have well equipped Audiology Department and a well trained qualified Audiologist to asses your hearing problems … | Read more