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  • Stem Cell Therapy can be useful for Congenital and Acquired Hearing Loss: Dr Sonali Pandit

    We are very happy to introduce Dr Sonali Pandit, a consulting Otolaryngologist at Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai. Dr Pandit has worked on Stem Cell Therapy for Hearing Loss at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia. This interview is aimed at educating our readers with latest trends and we are glad we found Dr Pandit in our backyard. The interview also covers about other specialties of Dr Pandit.

  • Chembur doc works out stem cell cure for hearing loss

    Times of India. 19th February, 2011.
    Chembur-based ENT doctor Sonali Pandit's phone has been busy ever since the news of her research flashed in the international media earlier this week. She was part an Australian university team that used stem cells found in the nasal cavity to restore initial hearing loss.

  • Effect of epithelial stem cell transplantation on noise-induced hearing loss in adult mice

    Noise trauma in mammals can result in damage to multiple epithelial cochlear cell types, producing permanent hearing loss. Here we investigate whether epithelial stem cell transplantation can ameliorate noise-induced hearing loss in mice.

  • Ossicular chain reconstruction with a titanium prosthesis.

    Ossicular chain damage from chronic ear disease is a significant problem in the Australian population. The ideal ossicular chain reconstruction prosthesis has yet to be defined. This paper examines, for the first time, the use of a titanium prosthesis for ossicular chain reconstruction in Australian patients.